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Brain Session


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This is a single hour in our intense crunch-work room.

Built for problem-solving, The Brain is ideal for both individuals and teams, holding a max 10 people.

This space is used for:

  • Focus groups
  • Group interviews
  • Small intensive consultations

We also have nine (9) services you can choose from when booking The Brain for even more targeted focus on the solution to your problem.

  • The Hot Seat – Interrogate your problem
  • The Sprintshop – Race to demo
  • The Hackathon – Marathon of hacks
  • The BrainDump – Just what it sounds like
  • The Systems Check – Troubleshoot
  • The Brand Audit – Find gaps and inconsistencies
  • The M+M Audit – Identify opportunities
  • The Strategy Session – Chart the journey
  • The Emergency Room – Intervention

1 hour, 2 hours, Sprint

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