“Hey! Welcome to your PowerUp Session!”

Our Power-Up Sessions are unique opportunities to get clear on what you’re really struggling with in business and craft a tailored, step-by-step process to accomplish it. You sit with your very own business diagnostician, dump all your struggles on the table and we’ll rearrange them all so you can have a clear path forward. Sounds good? Book your session today!


Like any good diagnosis, we start with your symptoms: what you feel and are experiencing. You tell us what you’re dealing with, where it is you want to go or end up and what you think is keeping you from getting there. Of course we ask some clarifying questions, but all in all, this part of the session is completely on you.


We take all that info and sort through it to get you to the solutions you seek. No two entrepreneurs are alike, and so no two Sessions are alike. We give you a completely custom lay out of specific things you can do to negate or mitigate your symptoms (do we sound like a doctor yet?).

Session Notes

Finally, we give you a treatment plan of sorts and, let’s be real, it’s the whole reason you signed up. You get to ask us any questions you think are relevant and then go on your merry way, knowing that a plan to get your business from the stuck-y place is it currently is gonna be sitting in your inbox soon enough. Not only will you receive our observations and recommendations via email, but we’ll also include some additional information we think would really benefit you exactly where you are.

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