Venture Levels

Not even gonna lie, this is a straight up Pokemon reference. (Travis and Tremaine are pokemaniacs. Judge them.) The point of the whole breakdown was so we could synthesize the info and resources we have access to in such a way that it made sense and doesn’t overwhelm the business owners and side-hustlers we are in content with. Also, you’re all grass-types. Deal with it.

Level 1: Clear

At this stage we figure the entrepreneur is beginning their journey and the biggest need here is Clarity. Much of what is needed and what is encountered at this level have to do with things that need to be clarified and defined. Percentage wise, we can say level 1 is 80% Clarity and about 20% Competence, acting on the things you get clear on. To that end, while the bulk of the content this level will consume will be about getting clear, the bulk of their activities will be based out of what that clarity tells them.

Level 2: Plant

The entrepreneur has been in the game for a while now, roughly 1-3 years, and is setting down roots for the long haul. At this stage Visibility becomes the big focus, revolving around justifying their place in the market, and Competence primarily revolves around making sure that the foundation they set in level 1 will continue to make sense and that they remain integral to that Clarity.

Level 3: Grow

More doing all the things! Level 3’s are all about multiplying the return on their time and money investments. Effort investments as well, and at this stage there’s a lot of effort. Between managing all the moving parts of what has hopefully become more than a one-man operation and promoting said more-than-one-man operation, Level 3’s are a hard-working bunch. Clarity, Competence and Visibility are all needed in almost equal measure as they stay true to foundations and chart the way forward while managing their position in the present. Yup, lot’s of effort.

Level 4: Harvest

This last stage is our version of an Ultimate Form; the Entrepreneur has evolved into a Small/Medium Business Owner, and we are so proud. -sniff sniff- This stage is almost a repeat of Level 3, except there are more moving parts to juggle, larger cheques to cash (oh yeah!) and a bigger incentive to not fail. But this is also the stage where some of that juggling can be passed on to someone else and the entrepreneur can relax and enjoy the fruit of their labour. Like a Mega Charizard X or Y, just chillin’.

Want Your Own Level Plan?