Frequently Asked Questions

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#17 Rosetta Street, Palmdale. Across the street from the old Starbucks building, Bahamas Foot Centre, Silhouette Line and Alive store. Right next to the Prescription Center Pharmacy and Cellular World. In the old Electronic Solutions building. Where GodSquad used to be. The long white building with the red roof. On the corner. You can’t miss it.

Electricity, Internet (fiber), furniture, unlimited coffee to fuel your addiction, a variety of teas if you’re bougie, water and printer access. Also, bathrooms, because those are important.

Sure! Come in for a free your when you have an extra 10 minutes.

We first opened our eyes as a young babe in the wee hours/days/month of 2017.

We are opened from Monday – Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 7am-7pm*

* possibility that the office can be closed up to two hours early depending on activity in the office

You’ve got a couple of options. One, you can COME IN FOR A TOUR, and yes, that was said with all caps. That’s how excited we get about meeting new people. If you’re not ready for that level of enthusiasm, click here to sign up with your name and email, and then we’ll send you a Space Breakdown with more details on different areas in the space.

No, sorry. We know how frustrating it is when your electronic has a problem and you NEED that solution. Unfortunately, Electronic Solutions is no longer open. We’re just in the same building. Darn us.

If by some chance you’ve got a question we haven’t answered yet, feel free to shoot us a quick message using the form below.

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