Hey. Hey. Chill. We know you’re busy (or pretending to be) so we’ll keep this short, a’right? Running a business is hard enough without adding additional stressors to the mix. So. Play within your means. Do the research. Use your resources. Share the burden. Don’t resist the motion of the ocean. Or the sun in the sky. You can wonder, if you wanna, but we never ask why. If they try to tie you down, you spit in their eye and say: “You can’t stop the beat! You can’t stop the beat! You can’t stop the beat!” And neither can you.

You can’t judge us, either.


Play Within Your Means

Let’s kick the Jones’ out of our minds and live forever, yes? You don’t have to have a huge budget or a fancy camera to get things done and be successful. Ads don’t have to cost you your entire life’s savings. You can literally run an ad campaign on FB for as little as $10-20 per month. To be clear, an ad campaign is where multiple ads with the same purpose and objective or goal are launched as a group. Legit, that’s a thing. Ask about the FB Ads workshop one of our friends is hosting in February. It’ll save you time and money, which is, you know, important.

But really, you don’t have to always spend a lot. There’s an argument to made for investing in some things and at some points, but, generally, you can do a lot less than you’re used to. If saving money is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions, we’d be happy to help you strategize just how you can do that.



We get entrepreneurs come into our workspace all the time who have a problem or want to do something and think it can’t be done because they don’t know what is available to them. Most of us simply don’t research anything we truly need to. Oftentimes that leads to unnecessary setbacks and spending that could have been avoided.

Your wifi connection or data package is not just of FB, IG and Netflix. There is a whole wide world of apps, websites, tools and resources at your fingertips, but only if you take the time to research.


Use Your Resources

Completely related to our point above is this one: USE your resources. There’s no point in collecting information, opening an account with an accounting app or collecting hundreds of freebies from around the web if you’re not using the resources available to you. It’s that simple. If you’ve found a resource that could benefit you personally or your business, use it.

A word of caution: be intentional with the resources you use. The same way you wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) mix our awesmazing Jet Fuel with the tea at our fabutastic Fuel Station just because you have access to it when you spend the day in space, don’t go crazy using ALL the resources at once. Pace yourself. Set a strategy. Use the ones you need, work best for you and your business and don’t stress your time/energy/financial budget. Jet fuel, good. Jet fuel with tea(s) and creamer and sugar, probably poison and death.


Share the Burden

Alright. One of the resources you could be using is ‘community’, that collection of like-minded individuals on the same journey as you. You have got to talk to people about where you are, where you want to go, what’s keeping you from getting there and what help you need getting past it. We are not islands, and aren’t meant to go this journey alone. We’ve got to talk to people.

But only the right people. You know which of your family members and friends you can count on for objective support and constructive criticism, and those of which are toxic. Be intentional about only sharing your ideas with those who can handle it. If you need more business-minded folk in your community, come on down to our coworking space: community is one of our core goals and values. We firmly believe we can do more and go further together. And that was a completely shameless plug.


Be true to yourself, homie. We’re all trying to escape the rat race; keeping up with the Jones’ is just one way we stay in it. Until next time, Venture out!


We’re planning a series of blog posts with all the tools and resources we and our Spacers (space+members) use to run (our) their businesses. Would you like that? Let us know in the comments!

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